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Now with Extra Boram Bias

+ Dani who isn't in this picture, oops

A 5/6/7/8/7/8 member kpop group which has been sort of drama prone, but honestly you should like them.
Fanclub: Queens | Fan color: Lemon Yellow | Subunits: T-ARA N4 & QBS
Rotates leaders, right now it's Soyeon

Some really brief history largely plagiarized from Wikipedia and Generasia 

Pre-debut, which was technically a debut but we all try to look the other way:
The original lineup under MNet Media was Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, plus...
- Lee Jiae: Now goes by the stage name Hana in a duo called Jevice, if they still exist.
- Yang Jiwon: Was going to be in 5 Girls with Uee and others, now in SPICA.

The 5 trained together for 3 years and were known as "super rookies."

This lineup released an OST song called "Good Person" in April 2009 (); Jiyeon also teamed up with members of Davichi and Seeya for Women's Generation stages ()

Everybody Look Surprised Totally First Real Debut:
Qri, Soyeon, and Boram were added to the lineup just 3 weeks before (re)debut. They debuted July 29, 2009 on Radio Star with "Lies," with the first music show performance on the 30th. This is not it because I couldn't find it, but it's just a few days later on Inkigayo :[ This was also when the unfortunate ladies moved to CCM, whose unique penchant for clusterfuckery I'm sure I don't need to expound on for you. Their incredibly awesome first album Absolute First Album came out in November 2009 along with the MV teasers for Bo Peep Bo Peep and 처음처럼/Like The First Time.

And All That Drama After That:
T-ara has had their ups-and-downs, concerning their erratic member changes, possible middle school webcam misadventures, public twitter mood swings, and a variety of other scandals. I would ask anyone attempting to give T-ara a chance to take a good long look at CCM as a company and keep in mind their shenanigans before rushing to judgement on the girls themselves. With that in mind: the first member change came in July of 2010 when it was announced that Ryu Hwayoung (twin sister of 5Dolls'/CoEd's Ryo Hyoyoung) would join the group. This addition was probably not coincidentally linked to the girls' insane schedules, but whether it was to spread out the workload or to remind the girls they could be replaced is up for debate. As for the bullying scandal leading up to Hwayoung's contract termination in July 2012, the "video evidence" including nonsense like Boram breaking Hwayoung's umbrella is largely just that: nonsense. The most questionable part of the whole incident and the one the girls have commented on themselves consists of a handful of seemingly disparaging tweets directed toward Hwayoung. The girls have publicly apologized for that part of the controversy.

Personal opinion time: I don't think the powers that be at CCM ever intended for Hwayoung to stick around, and I think her supposed attitude problems that led to her getting the boot are the fault of the company for tossing a mostly untrained kid into an established group and then dumping a colossal work load on the whole lot of them. TL;DR CCM continues to be CCM.

Not to dwell to much on scandals but for the purposes of RP especially it is kind of a relevant thing to see all the shit these girls have gone through so here is a quick guide to some of their most notorious episodes, for the context of the events themselves and for the overall sense of "wow netizens are really after T-ara" that I get from seeing so much bullshit compiled in one place. Especially since that place is Soompi.

On to better things!

Japanese Debut: T-ara signed a $4.3 million contract for their Japanese debut, the highest out of all the Korean girl groups debuting in Japan. On September 28, 2010, T-ara released their first Japanese single, a remake of Bo Peep Bo Peep, which became the first debut #1 on the Oricon charts for a non-Japanese group. Since then they've released Japanese versions of Yayaya, Roly Poly, Lovey Dovey, and Sexy Love, and their first original Japanese single (and incidentally one of my very favorite songs of theirs), Bunny Style.


jeon boram | subvocal & occasional hilarious replacement rapper | march 26, 1986 | 155cm | snack queen and short people in kpop mascot
     ♛ The only member to have a solo release prior to being in T-ara 
     ♛ Really likes to eat and
looks cute doing it 
     ♛ Is a third-generation celebrity: her grandparents are actor Hwanghae and Singer Baek Seolhee;
parents are singer
Jeon Youngrok and actress Lee Miyoung.
     ♛ Her little sister Wooram is now in D-UNIT
     ♛ Super
awkward with children
     ♛ Used to be really shy and quiet but more recently has revealed herself to be a hilariously strange person
Boram is undoubtedly my favorite. She seemed very awkward to me when they first debuted, but she's really come out of her shell, especially after Japan promotions. She seems to be among the least favorite members in Korea but is more popular in Japan, which probably helps. Boram is really goofy, and despite being tiny and adorable she really doesn't play up any kind of infantilized aegyo crap which is probably why I like her so much. She can be kind of a loudmouth and yells at the others when they pick on her. She is pretty much the honey badger of kpop: little and fluffy and will not stand for any of your shit. She's also a much better singer than she gets credit for but still doesn't get a lot of lines >_>


lee jihyun | do you even sing at all | december 12, 1986 | 162cm | cutie-pretty princess and co-rep of people older than me in t-ara
    ♛ Stage name means "cutie pretty"...really.
    ♛ So cute that she pisses people off
    ♛ Seems to really like creepy-cute things a la Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and that kind of stuff
    ♛ Was an ulzzang and certified circle lens addict before debut
    ♛ Was also bait for some sort of Korean Cheaters show which as you might expect caused some butthurt netizen tears

Maybe it's a theme with T-ara but Qri seems (pleasantly) strange to me too. She's pretty quiet in variety shows and is a little harder to pin down for it--she even said that if someone comments she's been quiet then she'll get quieter, and if someone says she's talkative she'll talk more. Despite being a model and ulzzang before debut she seems to embarrass easily when she gets put on the spot in front of the camera. The members named her the most like a princess out of T-ara. She's super girly, and really likes sparkly cute things. She's the leader of QBS.

park soyeon (born park injun) | lead vocal & current leader | october 5, 1987 | 163cm | probable best singer in the bunch and cutie honey queen
    ♛ Was an SM Trainee and dropped out of debuting with SNSD due to the dificult schedule
    ♛ The Tom half of the super tsundere Tom and Jerry couple with Boram
    ♛ Did I mention she can sing
    ♛ Has kind of a natural bitchface and can be intimidating as hell
    ♛ Honey FLASH!!

I'm really glad Soyeon is the leader now because it really feels like she is all the time anyway. She has an air of maturity about her and seems to take care of the other members well. Even though she's not the eldest she seems like everyone's protective big sister. To me her voice is extra nice in the lower range like her part in IGCBY.

ham eunjung | main vocal & rapper | december 12, 1988 | 167cm | definite lesbian just ask gyuri and amber
    ♛ Has been in a whole lot of movies and TV including the horror movie White which is on Netflix I believe
    ♛ Is a taekwondo black belt
    ♛ Is really close with KARA's Gyuri...really.
    ♛ Now hosts Show Champion with Amber.
    ♛ Fantastic singer #2 of T-ara
    ♛ Also raps and sings pansori/Korean opera

Eunjung, along with Hyomin and Jiyeon, has gotten a whole lot of crap for being at the center of various scandals, but the fact is that the three of them and Eunjung in particular have unbelievably hectic schedules. Eunjung is really talented and has a great voice for singing and rap, both of which sometimes get overpowered by the other members but shouldn't be overlooked! I honestly don't know a ton about her since I don't follow her TV/movie career very closely but by all accounts she's also a talented actress :x I think she's sort of an "anchor" for T-ara in that she's very personable and good at lots of different things. Even though she's never been the official "face" of the group I think she's sort of become their multimedia representative. She's also the leader of T-ara N4.

park sunyoung | main vocal & rapper | may 130, 1989 | 167cm | hyoderella and my hipster girlfriend
    ♛ Has a reputation for rudeness but is mostly just sassy as fuck and blunt about some things
    ♛ Sings Miss A's song better than Miss A
    ♛ Really is a good dancer although being put on the spot seems to only inspire flirting and moonwalking
    ♛ Likes taking pictures and frequently posts to Instagram
    ♛ Designed her own costume for Roly-Poly which was a Very Good Decision.

Hyomin is another multitalented member along with Eunjung. She's also an accomplished actress. She was previously a JYP trainee and is still friends with a lot of JYP artists, especially Wooyoung. This blurb seems very short but I don't know what else to say. She's really funny and talented :<

park jiyeon | vocal | june 7, 1993 | 167cm | baby dinosaur and generally awkward creature
    ♛ Was featured in Women's Generation before T-ara's debut.
    ♛ Has a really cute voice which is only recently being utilized enough
    ♛ Was a model before debut; has a brother who looks weirdly like her who is also a model
    ♛ Had a "webcam strip" scandal that really shouldn't have resulted in anything besides some pedos going to jail because she was in middle school at the time, but netizens blame her anyway because they are netizens.
    ♛ Often accused of looking bored on stage (this performance started that whole thing I think) but I'm pretty sure that's a combination of 'just her face' and being exhausted because CCM.

Another person who has gotten a whole lot of netizen nonsense, Jiyeon seems to be really tough. She's really cute and funny in spite of everything that has been thrown at her. As the ex-youngest (if that's a thing) she seems extra helpful in bridging the connections with Areum and the other girls which I think would be awkward otherwise. Jiyeon doesn't really fit into an idol stereotype very well; she wears it on her sleeve when she's overworked or pissed off. She gets called unprofessional for it at times but in a way I think it's more refreshing than hearing the same old everything's-great-in-idol-land routine. I hate how much this section has become about her controversies but it's hard not to bring that up -__-;

lee areum | vocal & rapper | april 19, 1994 | 167cm | actually fits in really well and can sing
    ♛ Joined in July 2012 with the release of Day By Day
    ♛ Released Day and Night with Gunji (Gavy NJ) and Shannon (5dolls)
    ♛ Her solo from the Bunny Style singles in Happy Rain
    ♛ I don't know what to put her because she's still pretty new...:x

I really did not expect to like Areum, to be blunt about it, even less so after everything that happened with Hwayoung. But I do! She's a good addition to the group: strong singer, good dancer, seems to get along well with everyone. There's something really charming about her. I get the feeling she knows she's damn lucky to have been dropped into an already successful group and works hard to keep up and meld in seamlessly.

kim dani | rapper & fetus | december 13, 1999 | 167cm | i didn't know people were born in 1999
    ♛ Was featured in the Day By Day MV but won't "officially" debut for a while due to her age
    ♛ One time this happened and I don't have much else to say about that
    ♛ Raised in the US since she was 4 although that was way more recently than I'm comfortable with
    ♛ Somehow involved in hooking N4 up with Chris Brown which amazingly does not make her more endearing to me
I am very carefully withholding judgement on this seemingly weird decision until she debuts 8D! Thanks CCM for this brand new challenge. I don't know. I hope The Internet won't be too harsh on this kid, and I try not to be myself, but dropping a 13 year old into T-ara seems absolutely bizarre to me. They usually have pretty "sexy" concepts by kpop standards, which will either cease or become horrifying, I guess. Also, she is 13 years younger than Boram, which if I'm not mistaken will far and away give T-ara the record for the greatest age gap in a group.

Rather than copy the whole thing here...a link -___-

But a very nearly complete discography (missing some promo songs I think) + Boram's solo mini in one giant RAR is available to download here.

Here's the thing. T-ara has a super intense amount of MVs and I have a super intense amount of laziness.
Luckily for both of us a quick google of "T-ara videography" produced
This Amazing Post by someone much, much more motivated than myself.

Here are the (few) videos that don't work on that site:
Lies (Ballad version)
Bo Peep Bo Peep (18+ version)
I'm Really Hurt
Why Are You Being Like This
Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese)
Bo Peep Bo Peep (Japanese story version)
Yayaya (Japanese)
Roly Poly (Japanese)
Lies (Japanese)
Sexy Love (Japanese)
Bunny Style

Music Show Performances
Obviously this is just a list of one of each but it's here for easy reference.

Bo Peep Bo Peep *first win!*
Like the First Time
I Go Crazy Because of You
I'm Really Hurt
Why Are You Like This
Roly Poly
Cry Cry
Lovey Dovey
Day By Day
Sexy Love

Other Stuff to Watch
Hello Baby
Invincible Youth (Hyomin)
Princess T-ara
T-ara World
T-ara Dream Girls


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